The PHS Class of 1988 Ten Year Reunion (from 1998)
Story by Jayson Dodge

It's been ten years since I graduated from high school. I couldn't wait to see everybody there. Here's what happened:

Day 1 - Friday
It was basically a social gathering at the Red Lion Hotel at the Quay. A Friday evening when everybody is off for the weekend. A paving job in the hotel parking lot made parking very difficult. Most of the classmates were either in the bar or out in the patio. I showed up late (around 8:30) and stayed for just an hour. I figured that it was just the first day (there are three days, meaning plenty of time to see everyone), and everybody will be there the next day.

Day 2 - Saturday
This time, I stayed for the entire evening at the Green Meadows Athletic Club. There was a buffet dinner along with a DJ playing mostly 80s music as well as pictures of classmates from grade school to junior high and, of course, high school. I have managed to talk to many of the classmates, sharing experiences from the past ten years (as well as their aging appearances). We also gathered around for a class picture (framed and hanging on my wall). Then, the prizes were handed out (I won a gift certificate). All in all, there was total craziness in the room.

Day 3 - Sunday
It turned out to be a nice sunny Sunday afternoon for the picnic at Lewisville Park north of Battle Ground. Getting to the park, however, was no picnic. In addition to the park admission, I had to park my car out in Siberia and walk a long distance (I know. I'm being sarcastic about this.). However, it was a lot of fun. I got a chance to talk to more classmates and their kids. The greatest thing that happened was watching the kids having a good time (facepainting, games, and prizes for the kids). It was truly a family affair.

In General
I had a blast. It was great seeing everyone there. I was disappointed for those who didn't make it. Hopefully, they'll be there for the 20 year reunion in 2008.


Everyone socializing before dinner.

Some of the classmates and their spouses.

Everyone gathering for a class picture.

A Sunday picnic in the park.

The kids having fun at the picnic.

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