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Hello everyone, this is the official website made by and for the alumni of Prairie High School in Vancouver/Brush Prairie, Washington. Nearly 20,000 students and staff have set foot on the school's campus since it opened back in 1979. This is your place for all the news, events and information involving former PHS students, staff, family and other community members.

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Saving a historic house
A house that was built almost a century ago is put up for sale for one dollar, but the buyer must move it off the lot. The Brush Prairie Baptist Church located next door to the PHS campus is in the process of expansion. It would result in the historic house being demolished if no offers are made according to The Columbian.

Helping the less fortunate
Free Hot Soup Vancouver is a local volunteer group that provides free meals and accessories to the homeless by collecting and preparing food which would otherwise go to waste. PHS alum Shelly Gaylor is one of the organizers who talked to The Columbian explaining more about the group. Free Hot Soup Vancouver has a page on Facebook if anyone is interested in helping out.

Recognized for commitment to inclusion
Prairie High School announced on their website that they received the honor as a National Unified Championship School by the Special Olympics. A banner was unveiled recently in the school's gymnasium highlighting their commitment to activities for those with disabilities.

Making pedestrians safer
The Washington State Department of Transportation will be installing a crosswalk, refuge island and HAWK signal next to the PHS campus on 117th Avenue (SR 503/Lewisville Highway) in early 2025 according to The Columbian. The crosswalk was needed after a PHS student was hit by a car in early 2023. The new crossing will make it easier for students and staff who need to catch a bus across the street.

A road to recovery
Former Falcon and current Texas Tech baseball player Brady Trombello suffered a season ending head injury caused by a batted ball during a workout. The Columbian stated that Trombello is rehabilitating and expected to make a full recovery.

Athlete furthers collegiate competition
Former Falcon Brianna Morrell competed on Clark Community College's cross country and track and field teams for the last two years. She signed a letter of intent to continue her education and participation at Eastern Oregon University.

New football coach returning to alma mater
PHS grad and former PHS assistant football coach Junior Miller was selected as the next head football coach of the Falcons succeeding Will Ephraim, who resigned after two years with the program. The Columbian also mentioned that Ephraim will now take over as the head football coach at Fort Vancouver High School.

Former congresswoman seeks statewide position
PHS grad and former U.S. Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler is one of several candidates seeking the office of Washington State Public Lands Commissioner according to The Columbian.

Miss America hopeful receives a Congressional honor
PHS grad and current student at the University of Puget Sound Natalie Worthy received the Gold Congressional Award during a summit in Washington, D.C. back in June as reported by The Reflector. This required completing 400 hours of community service, 200 hours of physical fitness, 200 hours in personal development and a seven day planned expedition. She plans on competing in the Miss Pierce County Pageant where the winner will compete in the Miss Washington and the Miss America pageants.

Army sergeant to compete in the Miss America Pageant
PHS grad and current U.S. Army sergeant Vanessa Munson, who won the title of Miss Clark County, was crowned as Miss Washington and will compete in the Miss America pageant. She is taking college courses through the military with plans on becoming a program management analyst for the FBI. She partnered with Girls Incorporated and Dress for Success along with providing inspiration to hearing impaired girls as she is hearing impaired herself. The Reflector initially reported the story. A follow-up story from the same newspaper provided Munson's experience at the national pageant.

Fundraiser established for injured alum
PHS Grad Stuart Grant was injured after falling off a ladder. This caused severe nerve damage that made him unable to use his left hand impacting his ability to work or take care of daily activities. A GoFundMe account was established to cover his expenses.

Upcoming Events
If you have any information on upcoming events of interest to PHS alumni or have an event or activity that you would like to share, please email the webmaster at

Portland Rose Festival (May 24 to June 9, 2024)
Various Locations, Portland, OR -

Multnomah County Fair (May 25 to 27, 2024)
Oaks Park, Portland, OR -

PHS 2024 Commencement (June 7, 2024)
District Stadium, Battle Ground, WA -

Woodland Planters Days (June 13 to 16, 2024)
Various Locations, Woodland, WA -

PHS Sports
For more information on PHS sports schedules, visit the Greater St. Helens League website at or the PHS Athletics website at

Spring Sports Teams
Unified Soccer
Men's Track and Field
Women's Track and Field
Women's Golf
Women's Tennis
Men's Soccer

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PHS Classes of 1994, 1999 and 2014: Please check with your class website or Facebook page to confirm whether or not your class will be having a reunion. Information may be posted here once confirmed. Other alumni groups may schedule virtual or in-person gatherings in the near future.

PHS Class of 1984 - 40 Year Reunion on Saturday, September 21, 2024 with a location to be determined. Additional details are coming soon.

PHS Class of 1989 - 35 Year Reunion on Saturday, July 20, 2024 at Ridgefield Craft Brewing Co., 120 N. 3rd Avenue, Ridgefield, WA. Please visit the class Facebook page for more information.

PHS Class of 2004 - 20 Year Reunion on Friday, July 12, 2024 at Loowit Brewing Company, 507 Columbia Street, Vancouver, WA and Saturday, July 13, 2024 at The Playground, 1069 E. McLoughlin Boulevard, Vancouver, WA. Please visit the class Facebook page for more information.

Class Reunion Stories
Jayson Dodge (a 1988 PHS grad and founder of The Prairie High School Alumni Project) attended his class reunions, organizing the last two. Details of his experiences along with some photos from each reunion are listed below.
Jayson's Ten Year Reunion Story from 1998
Jayson's Twenty Year Reunion Story from 2008
Jayson's Thirty Year Reunion Story from 2018

These are the names of former PHS students and faculty who are longer with us. The obituaries will open in a new window. If you know of any more deaths of students or staff (either during or after tenure/attendance at Prairie) or have additional information on the individuals listed, please email the webmaster at

Dan Burns (1962-2023) View obituary.
Cheryl (Trimbo) Roesler (1962-2019) View obituary.
Terry Walter (1962-2020) View obituary.
Mike Wolf (1962-2013) View obituary.

Brenda Ahola (1963-2022)
Tim Gering (1962-1980) View obituary.
Bryan Merrell (1963-2009) View obituary.
Mark Wooster (1963-2013) View obituary.

Scott Hageman (1964-2022) View obituary.
Lori (Heinz) Wolf (1964-2008)
Ray Heup (1964-2010) View obituary.
Brenda (Johnson) Cox (1964-2014) View obituary.
Julie (Nerton) Dobson (1963-2007) View obituary.
John Marsolek (1964-2022) View obituary.
Cheryl Parker (1963-2023)
Kathy (Nail) Rubbelke (1964-2017) View obituary.
Matt Williams (1964-2017) View obituary.

Richard Deschand (1965-2019) View obituary.
David Hamm (1964-1983)
Rashan Henderson (1964-1995)
Jeff Peasley (1965-2016)
Lisa Wisner (1965-2002) View obituary.

Angela (Ahola) Anthony (1966-2022) View obituary.
David Campbell (1966-2007)
Shauna Cochran Scott (1966-2009) View obituary.
Steve Cocklin (1966-2008) View obituary.
Rick Dronen (1966-2012) View obituary.
Jackie (Tormanen) Firestone (1965-2020) View obituary.

Dan Brophy (1967-2021)
Darren Deputy (1966-2021) View obituary.
David Harris (1967-2014) View obituary.
Bobbie (Johnson) Davis (1966-2014) View obituary.
Tom MacDonald (1967-1987)
Sylvia (Newland) Cudiamat (1967-2023) View obituary.
Brian Olson (1967-1986)
Bobby Prentice (1966-2021) View obituary.
Dan Proudfit (1967-2018) View obituary.
Kay (Sarkinen) Hendrickson (1966-2018) View obituary.
Tom Shafer (1967-2012) View obituary.

Bryan Brown (1968-2001) View obituary.
Kristy Campbell (1968-2003)
Dean Luse (1968-1990)
Kevin Noorlander (1967-2021) View obituary.
Michael Paakanen (1967-1984)
Darin Reutter (1968-2004)
Holly Thorkildson (1967-2017) View obituary.

Brian Femling (1968-2013) View obituary.
Victor Hutton (1967-2017) View obituary.
Mark Richards (1968-1990)

Fred Bisconer (1969-2023)
Dan Claus (1970-2008) View obituary.
Tom Dalton (1970-1999) View obituary.
Brian Edwards (1970-2023)
Cheyenne (Harden) Parker (1969-2017)
Tracy (Janes) Sutton (1970-2023)
Jon Larson (1969-2007) View obituary.
Linda Lawrence (1969-2000) View obituary.
Michael Lowery (1970-2023)
Sean Paakanen (1970-2021)
Bev (Puscher) Wharton (1970-2012) View obituary.
Kori (Rieger) Fredericksen (1969-2011) View obituary.
Jeff Ryder (1970-2018) View obituary.
Wally Sarkinen (1970-1984) View obituary.
Aric Schmeets (1970-1999) View obituary.
Chris Shull (1969-2020)
   View first obituary.
   View second obituary.
Troy Stevens (1970-2021) View obituary.
Paul Wilcox (1970-2021) View obituary.
Vincent Wilcox (1969-2007)
Paul Zimmer (1969-2000) View obituary.

Rick Colbert (1970-2018) View obituary.
Mike Diehl (1971-1999) View obituary.
John Eudy (1970-2008)
Matt Hart (1971-2019) View obituary.
Scott Hayden (1971-1992) View obituary.
Rick Jones (1970-2001)
Corinna Sofranko (1970-1997) View obituary.
Joanne Tormanen (1971-2007) View obituary.

Jason Davis (1972-1990)
Charlene German (1972-2001)
Trent Kunz (1972-2023) View obituary.
Matt Lang (1972-2006)
Brian Masic (1972-2021) View obituary.
Danell Mataczynski-Merck (1971-2021) View obituary.
Jeff Niedziela (1972-2019) View obituary.
Lori (Reddig) Homola (1972-2023) View obituary.
Shane Stout (1971-2017) View obituary.
Kim Torrence (1971-2022)
Jeff Upkes (1971-2018) View obituary.
Dirk Vandermeer (1972-2015)
Paul Voeller (1972-1994)

Adam Ahola (1972-2013) View obituary.
Kevin Bathe (1973-1994)
Damon Cannon (1973-2021)
Samuel Ramsey (1973-2008) View obituary.
Brad Sarkinen (1973-1999)

David Cox (1974-2023)
Gary Hiblar (1974-2021) View obituary.
Bryan Jameson (1974-2024)
Greg Thorkildson (1973-2014) View obituary.
Aaron E. Webb (1973-2021)
Tiffany (Wiser) Kennedy (1974-2018) View obituary.

Jeff Bushaw (1975-2020)
Ryan Ferrante (1974-2002)
Ron Frith (1975-2009) View obituary.
Jason Gladden (1975-2007) View obituary.
Shannon McCarty-Lane (1975-2015) View obituary.
Michael Rogers (1975-2004) View obituary.
Chris Waddell (1975-2011) View obituary.
Jason L. Ward (1975-2021) View obituary.

Angela Allen (1976-1997)
Terri (Donaldson) Reynolds (1976-2009) View obituary.
Amy Funk (1975-1998)
Ryan Martin (1976-2023)
David Roy (1975-2022)

Ryan Brugato (1977-1994) View obituary.
Jon Davern (1977-2000)
Mark Fritzler (1977-2022) View obituary.
Jackee Kalahan (1977-2015)
Mary Nordberg (1976-2021)
Randy Schiess (1976-2016) View obituary.

Adam Allen (1978-1997)
Katelyn (Coates) Black (1978-2013) View obituary.
Shannon Collins (1978-2008) View obituary.
Kevin Gohlke (1978-?)
James Harkins (1978-1997)
Chris McCormick (1978-?)
Jaynece Nevin (1978-1998) View obituary.
Christina (Reed) Tandberg (1978-2020) View obituary.
Maria (Stogianis) Suh (1977-2016) View obituary.
Jason Vinsonhaler (1978-?)
Heidi Watts (1977-2023) View obituary.

Chris Adams (1979-1999)
Robert Hess (1979-2005)
Jeanette Rench (1978-2005) View obituary.

Adam Gragg (1979-2010) View obituary.
Rebecca (Lloid) Glendenning (1979-2020) View obituary.
Dustin Parkhill (1980-1998?)
Brandon Portnoy (1980-2007) View obituary.
Bryce Powers (1980-2001) View obituary.
Jeff Schwartz (1980-2018) View obituary.

Wendy (Muonio) Paso (1980-2010) View obituary.
Justin Ross (1981-2023) View obituary.
Jay Timmons (1980-2022) View obituary.
Joshua West (1981-2020)

Cedric Bruns (1981-2003) View obituary.
Zachary Buchanan (1981-2012) View obituary.
Travis Bukowiec (1978-2004) View obituary.
Amy Coombs (1982-2000) View obituary.
Kevin Currie (1982-2003)
Caleb Krigbaum (1982-2011) View obituary.
Juan Sanchez (1982-1999)
Jennifer Steinmueller (1982-2005) View obituary.
Charles Thatcher (1981-2008) View obituary.
Erin (Tribe) Kilborn (1982-2005) View obituary.

Amy (Cowperthwait) Manley (1983-2017)
Jeremiah Johnson (1983-2007)
   View first obituary.
   View second obituary.
Heidi Lueth (1983-2004) View obituary.
Alisha (Tapper) Bernhardt (1983-2017) View obituary.
Tyler VonRuden (1983-2005) View obituary.
Marcus Wieber (1982-2009) View obituary.

Brent Larwick (1984-2007) View obituary.
Laura Mockford (1983-1999)
Brandon Romine (1983-2007) View obituary.
Jennifer Statczar-Neely (1983-1999) View obituary.
Kyle Tracy (1984-2003) View obituary.

Kara Ellertson (1985-2019) View obituary.
John Gaither (1985-2011) View obituary.

Michelle Probst (1986-2023)
Kayla (Seals) Castro (1986-2022) View obituary.

Timmy Krussell (1986-2005) View obituary.
Chris Raugust (1986-2016) View obituary.

Justin Franklin (1987-2008) View obituary.
Donald "Don Don" Wallway, Jr. (1988-2008) View obituary.

Jordan Bennett (1992-2023) View obituary.
Rachel Casper (1992-2020) View obituary.
Jode de Klerk (1992-2020) View obituary.

Colby Stuart (1993-2021) View obituary.

Jake Intermill (1994-2020) View obituary.

Justin Boyce (1994-2012)

Dylan Adams (1995-2020) View obituary.
Jace VavRosky (1995-2024) View obituary.

Jessica Prew (1997-2022) View obituary.
David Shattuck (1997-2015) View obituary.
Seth Winterup (1997-2019) View obituary.

Briana Pasco (1997-2018) View obituary.
Sean Stillwell (1998-2020) View obituary.

Caleb Gervickas (2000-2022) View obituary.

Bailey Holland (2003-2022) View obituary.

Sandy Bernhardt (1953-2009) - ASB Head Office Secretary, 1989-2009 View obituary.
Bev Blair (1935-2008) - Librarian, 1979-1997 View obituary.
Gordon Buslach (1932-2019) - History and Driver Education Teacher; Football and Track Coach, 1979-1989 View obituary.
Jeanne Charles (1941-2009) - Art Teacher
Juan Christian (1948-2009) - English Teacher, 1979-2009 View obituary.
Gary Clark (1942-2012) - English and Speech Teacher; Debate Team Coach View obituary.
Larry Douglass (1934-2007) - Assistant Softball Coach View obituary.
Earl Glass (1935-2006) - Principal, 1979-1982 View obituary.
Dewayne Hanson (1945-2009) - Custodian, 1980-1986 View obituary.
Micah Hilario (1977-2020) - Math Teacher, Activities Director View obituary.
Bill Hill (1945-2018) - History Teacher, Men's Basketball Coach, Interim Activities Director, 1986-1989 View obituary.
Phil Jackson (1948-1994) - Chemistry Teacher, 1979-1994; Wrestling Coach, 1989-1994 View obituary.
DeWayne Kendall (1947-2008) - History Teacher; Men's Basketball Coach, 1979-2004 View obituary.
Joe Mazzoncini (1950-1990) - Activities Director, 1986-1990 View obituary.
Diane McCormick (1938-2006) - English Teacher; Student Newspaper Advisor, 1984-2000 View obituary.
Greg Parcher (1951-2017) - Principal, 1998-2007 View obituary.
Don Phillips (1927-2008) - Automotive Teacher, 2000-2002
Phil Phimister (1953-2017) - Special Education Teacher; Cross Country Coach; Track and Field Coach, 1986-2015 View obituary.
Joanne Rooney (1955-2013) - Child Care Director; Early Childhood Education Teacher View obituary.
Hillie Stoker (1919-2004) - German Teacher, 1981-1987 View obituary.
Velda Sutton (1935-2021) - Principal, 1986-1990 View obituary.
Heidi Watts (1977-2023) - Cheerleading Coach View obituary.
Grace (Winters) Wetter (1934-2024) - Counselor View obituary.

Yearbook Gallery
These are the yearbook covers since 1980. If you have covers for the yearbooks not listed below, please email the webmaster at

About The School

Prairie High School opened in September 1979 to accommodate the growing population in the southern portion of the Battle Ground School District, in Southwestern Washington. Located 10 miles northeast of Vancouver, Washington near the town of Brush Prairie, Prairie High School has provided numerous opportunties in academics, athletics, fine arts and vocational training to over 1400 students each year in grades nine through twelve. Most of the student body previously attended Pleasant Valley, Daybreak and Laurin Middle Schools plus the former Maple Grove Middle School in the Battle Ground School District as well as Hockinson Middle School in the neighboring Hockinson School District before their high school opened in 2003. The school's mascot is the falcon, and the colors are crimson and gold. The school's mailing address is PO Box 200, Battle Ground, WA 98604. The campus is located at 11311 NE 119th Street, Vancouver, WA 98662. The school's main office can be reached at 360-885-5000. The telephone number for the activities office is 360-885-5013.

About The Website
The website was launched in 1999 by Jayson Dodge, a 1988 graduate of Prairie High School, as a means for alumni of the school to keep in contact when there was nothing available at the time, and social media websites were nonexistent. The current domain name of, named after the school's yearbook, was established two years later in 2001. Future plans include forming a PHS alumni association as well as creating a book for the upcoming 50th anniversary celebration in 2029.

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